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Incubate to Innovate


Incubate to Innovate is bringing together a community of educators and ChangeMakers using innovation, creativity, and exploration to design a better world one idea and one collaboration at a time leading to social change and widespread impact. 

ChangeMaker Innovation Process™

We believe in the POWER of TOGETHER

Incubate to Innovate equips and empowers educators and ChangeMakers to solve problems and create opportunities together. We’ve designed a process and practical methodology that offers new approaches to creating and sustaining creative, exploratory learning environments and experiences.

When space and time are given to foster and encourage collaborative problem-solving skills, powerful ideas surface that can cultivate impact.

This collaborative learning community of #ChangeMakers was built for those who want to learn, grow, connect, create, build, and resource one another for the greatest IMPACT. Join us on the JOURNEY!



As an educator, do you foster exploration, ideation, curiosity, and Growth Through Failure opportunities in your classroom? 

As a leader, do you create Win/Win Solutions and Pivot with Perseverance when needed? 

As a community member, do you Lead with Empathy?

Incubate to Innovate's ChangeMaker Mindsets™ lead to authentic learning and sustainable change.  Let us help you reframe your thinking and simultaneously re-engineer your culture!


  • Experience exclusive content, ideas, courses, and discussions.
  • Share stories, experiences, and ideas that inspire #ChangeMakers

  • Make better solutions about the things that matter most to YOU.

  • Collaborate & Connect to solve problems and design solutions together to meet needs.

  • Have an impact by contributing to the community we are building online and in real life.

"ChangeMakers for Impact has been a game changer for me, both professionally and personally. Through the ChangeMakers for Impact network, I have had the privilege of meeting many new people who are seeking to embrace exploration in their professional career. The connections I have made are authentic, challenging me to think and grow well beyond what I could in my own school setting."

- Joanna Richter, Academic Counselor, Minnesota

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